Do you know that you can eBay with Wise?

Yes, you read it right. A lot of people will tell you that you can’t link eBay account with Wise but eBay does support Wise and you can still get your eBay account verified by linking it with Wise

Frequently Asked Questions

As far as I know, Wise doesn't work with eBay?

eBay does support Wise. We are linking our client's accounts succesfully. However, there is a special method and If you'll use that, only then it can be linked.

How much do you charge?

We charge $100 to link your Wiise account with your eBay account.

Do you have any discount?

If you'll order before 14th August, we'll give you 14% discount.

What are your payment terms?

We work on 50% upfront payment in our bank and remaining on successfully linking your account.

What If you won't be able to link?

We offer 100% money back guarantee. In case, we won't be able to link your wise account with your eBay account. We'll issue 100% refund. Our guarantee is until you make your first payout.

What do you need from me?

We need your VPS login details, eBay login details and Wise account details to link.

How long will it take?

It will take 7-10 days to link your eBay account with Wise.

I want to deal Face to Face

As mentioned above, you are more than welcome to visit our office. However, the purpose of meeting is to bring confidence in your. We'll link your account at our own.

Will you link it over Anydesk?

No, we'll obtain your account credentials and link your account at our own. We'll give you a successfully linked account.

How can I trust you?

As mentioned, we are in business for more than a decade. Visit our website. Talk wtih us. We'll be more than happy to address your concerns. You are more than welcome to visit our office. Our business strategist is Mr. Atif Nazeer from The Leaders. You can visit his YouTube Channel to gain further confidence in our services.

Will It suspend my account?

Account suspension has nothing to do with linking bank. No body can link a bank with eBay that eBay doesn't actually support. With our experience, we know how to link wise with eBay and It should not have any impact on your account. However, eBay can suspend your account for any reason and we can't guarantee that during or after your account will be suspended.

I don't have eBay account. Will you create for me?

We assume that you already have setup your Ltd, eBay account and Wise account. At the moment, we are only offering the service to link an already created eBay account with already created Wise account.

Can you link a wise created on the detailf of LLC?

We can attempt it to link. However, so far our successful cases are with only UK based accounts which are created on UK Ltd details.

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